Kaspersky Internet Security 2015(License Valid May,2015)

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Whats New In Version 2015:


  • Protection against interception of private data when connected to a public Wi-Fi network has been added. User warnings when connecting to unprotected Wi-Fi networks have been added as well.
  • Unauthorized access by applications to webcam video is now blocked (for compatible webcam models).
  • Protection for clipboard data in Safe Money mode against theft and interception has been added.
  • The latest versions of popular web browsers are now supported: protection components (such as Kaspersky URL Advisor and Safe Money) support Mozilla™ Firefox 28.x, Internet Explorer 11, and Google Chrome 33.x, 34.x, and 35.x.
  • Support for Windows 8.1 Update has been added.
  • Protection against unauthorized capture of screenshots in Safe Money mode has been improved.
  • Hypervisor, DirectX®, and OpenGL technologies are used to enhance protection against screenshots.
  • Functioning of the System Watcher component has been improved: protection against cryptors has been implemented. Kaspersky Internet Security creates backup copies of files before they are encrypted by a malicious cryptor. This allows restoring these files from their backup copies. Backup copies of files are stored in the system folder for temporary files (Temp).

3 Years Key(Blocked,some folk s claiming its working).Try your luck.(I have shared my key)

Kaspersky Internet Security 2015 Crack


 More Info:

Arrow Arrow Download Kaspersky Internet Security 2015:

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Kaspersky Internet Security 2014-15 Crack


 License(Added Nov 19):

Some 90 Days Commercial Regkey(No pass):

Some 90 Days Commercial Regkey(KIS,KAV,PURE) Added Oct 24:

Arrow Arrow 10 Key added Nov 3 (Need US proxy/VPN for activation):

Arrow Arrow 5 Key added Nov 8 (Need US proxy/VPN for activation/See in Rar File):

Arrow Arrow 3 Key added From Nov 11 (Need US proxy/VPN for activation/See in Rar File):

Arrow Arrow [b][i][color=darkblue]OEM Key(Added Nov 17):


How to?(Though,all info in to Rar,read me txt):

You must be admin for performing these operation

1. Paused the protection

2. Disable Self-defence & Delete Old Trial/ Expire keys(Run Del Trial_15, then KRT,Before that->Go to Setting (KRT)>Unticked Auto-select optimal parameters > Select No action > Apply changes)

3. Exit the Kis from system tray

4. Click reg files and merge it.(Based on your OS x86 or x64)

5. Restart KIS enable self-defence unpaused protection update database.

OR Go to Safe Mode Pressing F8 During boot,then use registry file(Tested on v 2014,not tested 2015).It should work.


Lic for 1095 Days/3 Years(please read inside .txt):


After definition Update, 3 years key may showing License expire.Dont worry Smile Delete key.Run KRT.Run 3 year key again.Working & Tested.You have to do the same thing again & again,after expiration.But remember its 3 years key Wink
(Regarding dump_15 & KRT)Kegen,Trial Reset,Patches etc Are Not A Virus Or Trojan.Patches,Trial reset and Keygen Made By By-Passing The Original Registration Of Softwares So Anti-Virus Detect It As Trojan Or Virus.So Use Patches Or Keygen Without Any Tension.Also,apply your commonsense and Last SHARE THIS WEBSITE. Thanks




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