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Since the first COD game ten years ago, multiplayer was important part of this franchise. To be honest, online competition involving human opponents is the thing that really raises adrenalin. Single-player campaign is there mainly for introducing innovations, weapon mechanics, and combat system. After finishing it, gamer can dive into rich multiplayer environment this game has to offer, and spend countless hours in there. Fierce competition in COD multiplayer was always subject to many cheats and hacks. After all, we all love to have edge over our opponents, or at least to be on an equal footing with players who already use cheats in game. Even single-player campaign on higher difficulty levels can be frustrating, and some unlimited ammo or aimbot hack can really help in those moments. Some of the cheats used in Call of duty games became almost standard feature. With our long experience in making cheats and hack programs, especially for this game, it is our pleasure to present you new Call of Duty Ghosts Cheats! We are proud to say that we made first call of duty ghosts multihack tool that works for all consoles (Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One, PS4, PC and Wii U).Enjoy this awesome game without worrying about ammo, health, all the things you need to unlock etc. Focus on playing and let our program to help you with everything else! If you are interested in using our COD Ghost Cheat, please continue reading as we will explain how to use it in details.



Our hack program is so called multi-hack. That means it combines all known cheats and hacks for various uses in game. Its versatility and complexity needs more time and space to explain in detail, but for start we will explain the program in short. When you start the program, you need to create a login for you this is very important because after creating login you will be able to hack your game in future.If you are new user then you have to create new login id .


It is very simple form just choose any username and password and click the create button.

When you start the program, you will notice it has as much as Five different boxes! Don’t worry, it is not so much hard to use, just follow our explanations and you will quickly learn to use it, because user interface is in fact very simple and user-friendly.

Call Of Duty Ghosts Unlockables



A player needs many hours of gaming and exploring to unlock all the goodies COD Ghosts has to offer. This box will save you the time and effort and instant unlock all that epic stuff you wanted! We will cover this tab in details in separate text, for now it is enough to explain how to use it: simply check all the things you want to unlock, and press “Apply Patch” button. Wait till you get “successfully unlocked” message and move on!

Cod Ghost Prestige - Squad points Hack Cheats for PS3 Xbox PC
Cod Ghost Prestige – Squad points Hack

Levels and prestige is changed in COD Ghosts, because now you have 10 classes to choose from. When you level one class to the max level, you can choose to Prestige it or move on to next. Unlike previous titles, now you can prestige your soldier without loosing all levels and just move on to leveling next class. This COD Ghosts Prestige Hack will let you choose level for your current playing class, from level 5 up to level 50. We didn’t put max level available to let you have some fun while getting those last few levels. However, you can choose your prestige by selecting any value between 1 and 10 and unlock some cool emblems to scare off your opponents! After choosing level and prestige, simply press “Apply Patch” button to apply hack to your game account.

Squad points are earned in multiplayer and used for buying perks and “create-a-soldier” characters. They are invaluable and therefore deserve their special hack. Simply enter your Username and choose the gaming platform. Then select the amount of squad points you want to get. Available amounts are 5,10,15,25 or 50, which is maximum quantity you can generate in one use. When you finish, just click on “Apply Patch” button and wait for hack to be applied. Enjoy your gaming!

Call Of Duty Ghosts Hack

This Box covers some of the most popular hacks in COD ever! Aimbot and wallhack are the oldest and most known hacks in this game, and they are included here also! Super jump, unlimited ammo and no reload are also very popular hacks. Using this tab is very simple, you must choose first if you want to unlock hacks in single player or multiplayer, and check those hacks you want to unlock. After making your choice, simply press “Apply Patch” button and wait for hacks to be applied.


Call Of Duty Ghosts Cheats


This box unlocks some cheats that are treated like stronger versions of in-game perks. Superspeed or unlimited health is good example of this. As such, they are harder to notice and therefore easy to use in multiplayer. Some other cheats are too powerful or too obvious and that is the reason why we don’t recommend all of them to be applied in multiplayer games. Using this box is also simple and easy, just choose and check the names of those you want to use. Click on “Apply Patch” button and wait till you get the message!

Call Of Duty GhostsPrestige Hack Cheats for PS3 Xbox PC
Call Of Duty Ghosts Hack Cheats Tool


Call of Duty Ghosts Hack – Cheats Tool



Last Box is called Connect Box and this is the last and most important box you will use. You need to have internet connection working when using it. First you choose your gaming platform, as you can see our cheat program recognizes all consoles and operating systems. So you have all platforms available (PS3/PS4, Xbox 360,/Xbox One, PC and even Wii U). Next is to enter your game Username and choose security options. If you are worried about possible ban for using cheats, please enable proxy option and choose “safe mode” instead “fast mode” before connecting. This way it will take some more time to connect, but you will have absolute 100% protection against hack detects and possible bans. When you finish choosing all these options, click “Apply Patch” button, and wait till you get a success message! We are ready to get all the cheats and hacks you need! So don’t forget, this is the first COD Ghosts Cheats that works for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC and Wii U.


Available Hacks in COD Ghosts Cheats?

Talking about Call of Duty Ghosts hacks, this is probably most interesting for all players. The reason is that here you can unlock some of the oldest and most useful COD Ghosts hacks. Nine hacks are possible to choose, including Aimbot, Wallhack and Super Jump as most known, Unlimited Ammo and No reload as very useful, and even Nuke in Air and God mod which are so powerful we don’t recommend them in multiplayer! We will not describe each of them in details, because we are sure you are already familiar with most of them, if not all. It is enough to say that Call of Duty Ghosts Hacks box has selection of most used multiplayer and Single Player hacks in one place!

How to use Call Of Duty Ghosts Hack box?

To use Call of duty Ghosts hack box, first you need to choose whether you want to apply hacks in Single player or Multiplayer. Next is to check the boxes next to hacks you want to unlock. You can check one or more hacks or even all if you want. When you are finished, just click on “Apply Patch” button and wait for the green bar to fill. You just unlocked all the hacks you wanted with Call of Duty Ghosts Cheats! If you are planning to use these Hacks in Multiplayer, we recommend you to read the following text before you continue!

How to avoid ban while using COD Ghosts Hacks?

Using these hacks in single player is easy, and doesn’t require any protective measures such as “use proxy” or “safe mode” in Connect box. You can just pick whatever you want from Call of Duty Ghosts Hacks Tab and continue playing. If you want to add hacks to multiplayer, you must be cautious, because game servers have best available anti-cheat and anti-hack protection software possible. Their main purpose is to recognize game versions that have some changes compared to original game. Those changes include using pirate copy, or using cheats and hacks. Fortunately, we have absolutely reliable solution for this. First, make sure you chose “use proxy” and “safe mode” options in Connect Box. With those options chosen, your IP address is well hidden and anti hack software will recognize your game version as original and unchanged. Second, even if you don’t raise alert this way, there is always possibility that players you are fighting will recognize hacks and report you to Game moderators. If they manage to make screenshots of you using hacks you can get in trouble, resulting in temporary or even permanent ban. Therefore we recommend that you don’t use Flying mod, God Mod, Nuke in Air and Invisible Mod in multiplayer unless you are absolutely sure you know the risks. Even without them, Aimbot, Wallhack and Super Jump which are most important, are absolutely safe to use, together with No reload and Unlimited Ammo. Use our Call of Duty Ghosts Hacks Tab with caution and patience and you will never get caught!

What are Squad Points in Call of Duty Ghosts?

Squad Points are used as in game currency in COD Ghosts Multiplayer game. New Create-a-Soldier system in Multiplayer is based on unlocking various additions like new weapons, perks, attachments and new soldier characters. Unlocking any of them doesn’t mean player can use them right away. Instead, they are now available for purchasing. To buy them a player must spend certain amount of Squad Points. Squad Points can be earned in several different ways. Each time a player level his soldier, he is rewarded with two Squad Points. Points are also earned by completing online challenges called Operations. Every couple of weeks there is different set of operations to complete, and bonus points are rewarded if player completes more operations at once. Special actions during multiplayer matches can also bring some squad points. Of course, the easiest and fastest way to get them is using our program, Call of Duty Ghosts Cheats! Our multihack tool has special Box designed for this purpose only. More details about how to use Call of Duty Ghosts Squad Points Hack Box are in the following text.

How to use COD Ghosts Squad Points Hack Box?

This is somewhat special comparing to other boxes of COD Ghosts Cheats. It’s called call of duty ghosts squad points hack or squad points generator. Most of hacks and cheats introduced in our multihack tool need to be unlocked only once. Squad points on the other hand are something you will earn and spend more than once. That is why Call of Duty Ghosts Squad Points Hack Box is the Box which can be used with connection through Connect box. To use this box, choose amount of Squad points to be added. Minimum amount is five, and maximum is fifty squad points to be added in single use of Call of Duty Ghosts Prestige Squad Points Hack box. Add Squad Points , please wait for message “Successfully” to appear. This procedure can be repeated as many times as player wants, thanks to a bug in program code which doesn’t check maximum squad points of users in multiplayer games. Thanks to this bug, anti-ban measures for this COD Ghosts Squad Points Hack tab are second to none, as you will see in following text.

No ban for making infinite Squad Points?

As we previously said, Call of Duty Ghosts Squad Points Hack can be used independently of any other boxes. This was made possible only after we made sure that game server security software is not checking the amount of earned and spent squad points by the player. Therefore we only hacked algorithm for their earning and finished Call of Duty Ghosts Squad Points Hack. As you don’t need any covers or proxies for use of this , we can guarantee that this is the only box of our multihack tool that can be used without any precautions. Just build as much free Squad Points as you need with our Squad Points Generator and enjoy playing!

What are Levels and Prestige in COD Ghosts?

Using new “Create-a-Soldier” system in COD Ghosts means you can play with 10 unique soldiers in multiplayer. At the start only the first one, Arya, is unlocked. The rest of soldiers can be unlocked with Squad points or by using Call of Duty Ghosts Prestige Hack Box. You can level each soldier up to level 60, and after that you can prestige him and unlock the next soldier for further leveling. Since there are ten soldier classes, your maximum prestige is 10. Each prestige level comes with its own unique emblem. With the use of our Call of Duty Ghosts Cheats you can have them all in no time!

How to use Call Of Duty Ghosts Prestige Hack?

Use of Call of Duty Ghosts Prestige Hack is very simple, as the whole program is user-friendly. You can choose soldier to be level 5, 10, and 15 and so on, up to level 50. You may ask yourself why level 50 when maximum level in COD Ghosts in 60. Simply because we want to leave at least some challenge to players, so leveling those 10 levels on your own is there for some fun and experience. You can choose your prestige, from 1 up to 10. When you apply your new prestige, you will also unlock appropriate emblem which comes with it, together with soldier class corresponding to that prestige level. When you are finished, just click on “Apply Patch” button and wait till you get “Successfully Patched” message.

How to avoid ban while using this cod ghosts prestige hack?

The most important thing here is that you must use “safe mode” and select “Use proxy” options in order to safely apply patch for Call of Duty Ghosts Prestige Hack Box. The reason is that this hack is applied in multiplayer only. As we previously discussed, multiplayer part of COD: Ghosts has more strict control and human players can easily take screenshots and inform about players using cheats. In this case luckily they cannot find anything suspicious, unless you just got out of the fight with your level 10 soldier; and after 10 minutes you entered again with the same character but now he is level 50. This is why we recommend that after using this hack you don’t play multiplayer for at least 6 hours. After that time you can connect and play as many matches as you want, you are safe. Bigger problem is the COD Ghosts prestige hack protections on game servers. In Connect Box, option “use proxy” is there to mask your IP address and “safe mode” includes algorithm that disguises your hacked version of the game so the multiplayer server recognizes it as unchanged. Call of Duty Ghosts Prestige Hack is totally undetectable when these options are turned on!

How to acquire COD Ghosts hack tool?

In harsh world of Call of duty Ghosts a player needs all the help he can get. Single player at higher difficulty levels and multiplayer particularly can be so hard it becomes frustrating at some points. To get some advantage over your opponents or at least be equal with those players who already use some Call of Duty Ghosts Connect you can use our multi-hack tool. This program has all known cheats and hacks included. It is very simple to use, but since it has so many options we will take some time to introduce each one of them in details. To be able to use our COD ghosts cheats, first you need to download it from here. After downloading is finished, start the program. It will automatically open at first tab. Make sure to have your internet connection working in order to successfully apply the hack!

How to use Call Of Duty Ghosts Connect Box?

This is the most important box of our Call of duty Ghosts multihack tool. The reason is that this box includes settings for security measures which will protect you from detecting and possible ban for using cheats in game. Since our program is user-friendly, it is very easy to use, but here are brief explanations about some details. Upper part of tab is reserved for choosing your game platform. As you can see, this hack works for COD Ghosts version on every gaming platform, including Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation (PS3 And PS4), Wii and PC. After choosing your gaming platform you need to enter your game Username.

Security and Anti-Ban measures

Next two options are most important as they are added to protect player from detecting his cheats in game. This is especially important for multiplayer gaming, since using cheats and hacks in there can result in temporary or permanent ban of User account. Don’t worry, we have added options for your safety. First, there is “Use proxy” option. When checked, this option masks you IP address, making it impossible to track our program. That is the first step. Second is to select mode of connecting. If you select “fast mode”, the program will connect and apply cheats faster, but with higher risk of detecting them, especially on multiplayer servers. If you choose “safe mode”, the program will connect using special algorithm which makes all cheats and hacks completely undetectable by game server! The downside of this is, connecting process is slower. In conclusion, for your Single player game, security is not so important, so you can skip those two options and select “Fast mode” to save time. But, if you are planning to battle some human opponents in multiplayer game, “use proxy” and “safe mode” options are obligatory. Don’t worry, during making of Call of duty Ghosts Hacks our main concern was to make the best possible connect algorithm and protect our users from possible penalties and bans, so using our hack tool is absolutely safe!

Final step

After choosing all options, all you need to do is click on “Apply Patch” button and wait until the message appears. This means our hack tool is connected to game server, and you are free to choose whatever cheats and hack you want to unlock!





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