How to Download

How to download:

How to Complete a Survey Easy way:

1.After you have clicked on the download button it should show you a window with surveys.

2.Choose one of the given surveys and complete it.There are pretty easy surveys where you just have to register for free somewhere. Most of the surveys last about 1-2 minutes.

3.After you have filled out the survey your download should unlock if you have entered valid information.If not,try it again with another survey.

We have decided to protect all our files with a gateway lock,meaning that you have to fill in a short survey.The surveys are free and only take a couple of minutes,so either download it or don’t.We hope that this new gateway will limit the number of downloads to only people who really want to use it. That’s it! File Downloaded!


Not working?Try another survey.

Step 1: Clear cookies before filling survey.

– Open Firefox on your computer. Click the Firefox button at the top of the window and select History. Click Clear Recent History. Change Time range to clear to Everything.
– Expand the list of history items by clicking the arrow next to Details.
– Check Cookies and click the Clear Now button.
Internet Explorer:
– Once your browser is open, select the Tools menu and click Internet Options and select the General tab.
– To delete all cookies, in the Browsing History section, click Delete. Then check the box next to Cookies…. Check the other boxes at your own discretion.
– Click Delete.
Google Chrome:
– Once your browser is open, press Control + Shift + Delete.
– Ensure that delete cookies is selected.
– Click clear browsing data. Alternatively you can click the spanner icon in the top left, select clear browsing data and repeat steps 2 and 3.

Step 2: Disable Pop-up blockers
Pop-up blockers will cause download to not unlock.
Internet explorer
– Click on tools, internet options, privacy tab and make sure the pop-up blocker box is NOT checked.
– Click tools, option, content tab and make sure the first box is NOT checked.
– If you have the Yahoo, Google, or Any Toolbar installed, they both also have pop-up blockers, and you need to make sure you have those Turned Off as well.

Step 3: Accepting cookies
Check that you are accepting cookies.
Internet explorer:
– Click on tools, internet options, privacy tab, make sure your cookies setting are set to accept all cookies.
– Click tools, option, privacy tab and make sure you have both of the cookie boxes checked. if you don’t see the cookie boxes, make sure that the dropdown under history is set to use custom settings.

Step 4: Completing a survey
GO SLOW. Do not try to rush through the survey or cookies will not have the time to track properly. Most Surveys have time limits and if completed to quickly they will not Unlock the Download.
Use only Real Information when Completing the Survey. Affiliates Have Sophisticated Filters to eliminate FAKE information and the download will not unlock. If you use real informations, download will unlock on 100% !!!
Confirm any confirmation emails sent to the email you used to while completing the survey.
Tips above are not concern SMS offers. We strongly recommend this offers, because download will unlock always. 1 minute and you have your file.
Other reasons Your download won’t unlock:
1. Your Ip Address may be blacklisted or already in the system of the affiliate you are trying to unlock the download with.
You may be able to Change you IP Address by resetting or simply unplugging your router or modem.
This is a extremely popular reason why downloads will not unlock.
2. Experiment with other browsers.
Try different browsers. Firefox and Chrome are best, Internet Explorer is known for being difficult.
3. Survey is damaged
Sometimes it happens. Try another survey then. It not consider SMS offers! They always works.

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